Real Self Top 100 Award Given to Dr. Horowitz

June 13, 2015
Real Self Top 100 Award Given to Dr. Horowitz

The Real Self Top 100 list of the greatest cosmetic medicine specialists and influences to the public and social media sphere has included Dr. Horowitz of Pacific Center Plastic Surgery. This is the second consecutive year that Dr. Horowitz has been included on this prestigious list of board-certified aesthetic practitioners. In order to be chosen for the Top 100 selection, a medical professional or cosmetic surgeon must have consistently provided consumers and patients accurate and valuable information regarding health habits, beauty conditions, and various cosmetic procedures.

According to Real Self, about 20% of women in America want to have one cosmetic procedure or another performed on them to improve their looks, self-confidence, and quality of life. At least half of the women in this demographic will use thorough online research and resources for a year or more before coming to their decision. Real Self has become one of the leading online resources for the information both women and men use to conduct their research.

The Real Self community consists of thousands of doctors, surgeons, and practitioners who have received board certification in their fields. When website visitors come to Real Self, the recognized and trusted experts work together with them to share their opinions, outline cosmetic treatment options, and generally provide much-needed answers to some of the most concerning questions about body augmentation. Countless visitors come to the website each day, and they are never disappointed.

The practitioners chosen for Real Self’s Top 100 list are those who make the greatest effort to find time in their busy schedules to log into the online community and share their unmatched knowledge. They must also be highly-rated by patients and consumers for the expert advice and insight they provide them.

“In 2014, this group of doctors collectively spent more than 3,300 hours-or 140 days-posting answers and sharing expert insights with the RealSelf community,” said Tom Seery, Founder/CEO of RealSelf. “For all 100 of these doctors, time is extremely valuable, yet they all make a commitment to engaging online consumers in order to build trust and help people make better decisions about potential changes to their body, face and smile.”

At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, we are proud to be able to say that we have a great, caring professional like Dr. Horowitz on our team. The dedication he shows to our clients who walk through our doors, and those online needing help at Real Self, is truly inspiring. At the end of the day, he genuinely wants to give men and women across the country the confidence they need to love the way they look.

To learn more about Dr. Horowitz or our procedures and services, contact our Newport Beach plastic surgery office today.