Minimally-Invasive Cellfina Cellulite Treatment | Newport Beach Plastic Surgery

May 13, 2017
Minimally-Invasive Cellfina Cellulite Treatment | Newport Beach Plastic Surgery

Cellulite can be an embarrassing personal problem, but many women are worried about invasive treatments, long recovery times, and spending money on useless treatments.These concerns all can stop women from seeking help for cellulite, when there are options for them. Cellfina is a minimally-invasive treatment for cellulite that boasts results that last at least three years.

Cellfina offers relief from cellulite with its innovative microblade, so there is no time spent in surgery, and no long recovery. Using suction to smooth the skin, Cellfina allows the plastic surgeon to use a microblade to precisely cut the fibrous bands that cause dimples in the skin. On average, an hour-long procedure can treat up to 30 of these dimples, making Cellfina a quick, effective treatment for cellulite. Post-procedure treatment is simple, with many surgeons advising a dressing over the area to protect the skin and wearing a compression garment for a week following the procedure.

Cellfina also has minimal side effects. Some swelling, bruising, redness, or soreness in the area can be expected, but fade quickly for many patients. There is no scarring from the procedure, thanks to the microblade used to break up the fibrous bands. Once released, the bands show no signs of growing back, making Cellfina a long-lasting treatment option for cellulite.

Following a Cellfina treatment, many patients report seeing noticeable improvement as soon as 3 days after, though it can take 2-3 months to begin seeing improvement. Patients also report seeing continued improvement in the appearance of the skin for a year after the treatment, with results lasting at least three years. Cellfina is the longest-lasting FDA-approved treatment on the market today.

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