Breathe for Stress Reduction

The modern workday can easily produce stress levels that we simply get used to. By practicing breathing techniques, you can drastically reduce anxiety, blood pressure and digestive problems that can build up by the end of the week. Although breathing is something we have innately been doing our entire lives, it is something to which we do not give much attention. By practicing breathing techniques, you can reconnect the mind and body, helping to repair your stressful mindset. If you feel on edge, or are stressed out during the day, take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. During stressful situations, the sympathetic nervous system releases stress hormones and adrenaline, in a sense, to prepare for fight-or-flight responses. This results in elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Regular practice of noticing and practicing calmer breathing during stressful moments will have lasting effects. You will notice that over time, you are able to handle the day better, and your overall mood is more balanced. Unregulated stress can cause our bodies to adapt to constant stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for life-threatening response concerns. This overdose of stimulation can lead to elevated heart rate, bowel problems, nervousness and chronic anxiety. Calm breathing practices can help us return to our balanced and healthy non fight-or-flight state.