About Plasticos Foundation

Until this year, Plasticos Foundation only performed surgery in poverty-stricken, underdeveloped countries outside of the United States. In these regions, children are frequently born with congenital disfigurements, which are oftentimes perceived negatively by their society, thus resulting in a life filled with shame, pain, and hopelessness. In some areas, these children are hidden from others and never allowed to run, play, laugh, and thrive as a normal child.

Acute burns are another common disfigurement in impoverished areas. The use of kerosene to cook and heat can result in unintentional injury. Astonishingly, in some areas, girls are intentionally set ablaze as punishment for things society frowns upon. Plasticos Foundation is able to provide corrective surgery, so these children can work towards having a happy, normal life.

In early 2016, Plasticos Foundation expanded its efforts by performing post-mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery on recovering cancer patients. Reconstructive surgery is not typically offered in impoverished countries, and like the children mentioned above, society tends to reject these women, affecting their ability to work and support their families.