This review is long overdue, and I am writing this because I have been so satisfied with the care and attention I’ve received from Dr. Nichter and his entire team over the last year. The surgeons and staff at Pacific Center have been just wonderful with me. I went in for an initial consultation with Dr. Larry Nichter in 2009 to assess a facial scar I’ve had since childhood. He could not have been more welcoming and sensitive. He explained the options clearly and made me feel almost like a family member he would talk care of to the best of the abilities science offers. On the day of my surgery, his staff was so friendly and courteous to both me and my friend who came for emotional support, and I remember just falling asleep to the comforting sounds of everyone involved with the procedure. A year later, I am extremely happy with the results, and still feel free to contact Dr. Nichter via email to discuss how my scar is healing and the procedures available to continue to improve its appearance over time. I would immediately recommend Dr. Nichter and his team there for any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. M.E., Los Angeles, CA