Blog Posts in September, 2016

  • The Naked Truth: 3 Cures for Stubborn Cellulite

    85% of women are affected by bumpy, dimpled, unappealing cellulite. As cellulite is caused by fibrous bands underneath the skin that compress fat, diet and exercise do little to help the appearance of this condition. Clinical treatments offer the most effective and longest lasting results. My office recommends three different procedures: ThermiSmooth, VelaShape 3, and Cellfina. ThermiSmooth — A ...
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  • Let's Talk Tummy Tucks

    Have you been spending countless hours working out and dieting trying to get rid of stubborn fat and loose skin around your mid section with no significant improvement? It’s actually not uncommon for these issues to persist no matter how strict you are with your diet and exercise regimen. If you have come to the realization you are fighting a losing battle, but still want to improve your body, a ...
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  • Cosmetic Surgery: The Naked Truth about the Ideal Implant

    What is the best implant if a woman does not want to have a silicone implant? What are her options? There are basically three choices: Natural Breast Augmentation (NBA) with her own body fat Saline implants The IDEAL STRUCTURED implant The Ideal Implant was created by a plastic surgeon to provide women with a beautiful, natural and safe option that will provide peace of mind to those concerned ...
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  • Reshaping Lives CA Program

    Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, in partnership with the Plasticos Foundation is launching a new local medical initiative aimed at providing much needed reconstructive surgical care to individuals throughout California. The aptly named ReShapingLivesCA mission will offer reconstructive plastic surgery to area residents who are unable to receive reconstructive surgery for various reasons. The ...
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  • Capsular Contracture: The Naked Truth About Implant Problems

    It is the natural response of the body to form scar tissue around implanted foreign objects. Referred to as capsular contracture (CC), this process squeezes and tightens the implant, making it firm. The range of firmness will vary from person to person, as will the degree of discomfort and pain experienced. It is also important to note that capsular contracture can result in just one breast or ...
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