Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • The New Face of Breast Implants - The Ideal Implant

    Move over silicone breast implants, it’s time to make room for a new implant called the Ideal Implant; a saline filled implant with the natural feel of silicone. Although silicone breast implants were finally deemed safe by the FDA back in 2006, there are still a large number of women out there who just don’t feel comfortable taking the risk of having them place inside their body. Many women still ...
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  • Plastic Surgery Trends for 2016

    It’s that time of year again when people start forecasting the trends for the new year. Plastic surgery is always a hot topic and this year is no different. Many of the trends are fueled by celebrities. In an article published by the New York Daily News, the plastic surgery fads for 2016 will be as follows: 1. Smaller Breasts – The request for smaller breasts is being linked to actress Ariel ...
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