Blog Posts in November, 2013

  • Where in the world did I put my keys???

    Can’t find your keys? Can’t remember what time your child just told you their practice will be over? Having difficulty keeping your train of thought? Don’t let moments of lapses in memory trick you into thinking your memory is already slipping. Although the area of your brain that is responsible for building memory has been found to lose five percent of its nerve cells with each decade, there are ...
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  • Put Your Best Face Forward "Makeup Do's & Don'ts"

    A British survey revealed that women spend an average of 14.5 minutes doing their makeup during the week, 24 minutes on the weekends, and up to 76 minutes when they have a big night out. All of that time spent putting your best face forward should count, and it should start with keeping your makeup and tools used for application in tip-top shape. Here are some makeup do’s and don’ts to keep in ...
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