Blog Posts in October, 2012

  • Acne and Food

    Although it is a popular belief that consuming chocolate or greasy foods can cause breakouts, the truth is that acne and food consumption have little to do with each other . Acne occurs when hair follicle openings become blocked with oil secretions or bacteria. They typically occur on the face, neck and chest because they are the areas of the body with the largest amount of oil glands. Most ...
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  • Tuesday - October 29th Visit from Ambassador

    Today we were honored by the visit of the American Ambassador to Armenia, John A. Heffern. He came to show his support of the work we are doing, and to offer his heartfelt thanks and encouragement not only for the surgeries we are performing, but for the teaching and collaboration with the Armenian doctors and staff.
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  • Sientra Shaped Silicone Implants: What's New for Orange County Breast Implants and Newport Beach Breast Sugery?

    Options are always good and with Sientra Shaped silicone breast implants we now have more options to get the best results for our patients who desire breast surgery. Ideal patient candidates for shaped implants may include the following: Mild ptosis or sagging Peri-areolar mastopexy (breast lift with implant) Constricted breast Tuberous breast Short IMF (inframammary fold) Wide chest Tall/long ...
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  • Walking for Your Brain

    Go for a walk lately? Exercise makes people smarter , in an ongoing study by scientists around the world. The study was first conducted to see if exercise had positive benefits for older people, but researchers have found that it has profound benefits for people of all ages, mentally and physically. Kids who exercise have less problems with attention deficit disorders, and tend to learn faster. ...
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  • Healthy Super Bowl Alternatives

    As winter approaches, so does an old American tradition: football. Hosting guests and food parties are eventual, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your healthy summer streak. When entertaining the football crowds, consider “making it mini”. Most grocery stores carry mini serving hot dogs, pizzas or single serving chips, a little bit of size compensation for the goodies goes a long way. ...
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  • Hiccup Remedies

    Nobody enjoys hiccups. They are caused when vagus nerves, nerves that link the brain to the abdomen, are irritated during common digestive disturbances. Hiccups occur about three to five times a year, every year, during an average person’s lifespan. There are many remedies that people believe help stop hiccups, some of them work and some of them are downright ridiculous. However, the concepts ...
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  • Breathe for Stress Reduction

    The modern workday can easily produce stress levels that we simply get used to. By practicing breathing techniques, you can drastically reduce anxiety, blood pressure and digestive problems that can build up by the end of the week. Although breathing is something we have innately been doing our entire lives, it is something to which we do not give much attention. By practicing breathing ...
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  • The Importance of Iron

    About one in five women of reproductive age have iron deficiencies . The experiences can range from shortness of breath to feeling lethargic, tired and run down. This is especially true for vegans who do not get enough iron in their food. Iron is very important for the body, as it carries oxygen to the brain and tissues. A lack of iron can lead to a short of oxygen, resulting in apathy, shortened ...
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  • Lavender and its amazing uses

    Most of us have trouble sleeping every once in a while. Some people swear that having lavender next to the bed can help with sleep issues. While it is true that inhaling the herb can have relaxing effects, it can be overpowering if overused. Remember to keep quantities to a minimum, the less the more. Those who drink lavender tea, or eat the actual flower have more vitamin A, calcium and iron. The ...
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