Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Something special for yourself once in a while

    Stressed out or just need to get away from it all for a few hours? Then pack up a nice little picnic and make your way over to Laguna Beach for a leisurely walk and a relaxing commune with nature. It’s a quick drive for most in OC, and best of all it’s free and oh so very good for body and soul! When Laguna Beach comes up, many think of Main Beach and Heisler Park, which are great destinations, ...
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  • New silicone gel-filled breast implant comes to U.S. market

    Dr. Larry Nichter of the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery would like to make prospective breast augmentation patients aware that the FDA has approved a new silicone gel-filled breast implant made by Sientra, Inc. for use in the United States. The implants will be available for women at least 22 years old seeking augmentation surgery, and women of any age seeking breast reconstruction surgery. ...
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  • Restaurant Raves & Faves: True Foods Kitchen, Vegetable Crudites

    Restaurant Raves & Faves by Debi Image: Google With so many of us buzzing around Orange County for work, school, sports, activities, events, etc., I thought it would be fun (and time-saving) to highlight some of the best eats and treats that OC has to offer. The ‘Raves’ will consist of personal and community experiences and feedback; while the ‘faves’, will be my own (very picky-I might add) ...
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  • Barbara's Tip for the Day: Hair and Fashion on a Budget

    Fine thin hair If you have fine, thin hair, do not use a brush as you blow dry this will create flat strands, first use your fingers to tousle at the root. with your head down ( bend over at the waist) . When root area is dry, then follow with brush still with head down. You are using your head as a giant roller to gain volume and fullness. After styling follow with a fine mist hair spray like ...
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  • Medical Tourism: the True Cost

    Dr. Larry Nichter of the Pacific Center for plastic surgery would like to make prospective patients aware of the risks and downsides of medical tourism (traveling abroad to undergo elective surgery). Medical tourism has becoming increasingly popular in recent years; patients have been flying out of the U.S. for plastic surgery, lured by lower prices. However, a parallel trend has also appeared: ...
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