Blog Posts in June, 2011

  • New Light-Based Treatment for Sun Damage

    Most people are familiar with the skin-damaging effects of ultraviolet light (UV). There are other types of light, though, which doctors are now using to minimize the signs of long-term sun damage. The skin damage and skin aging caused by exposure to UV light is referred to as photoaging . The most common signs of photoaging are: Wrinkled and leathery skin Uneven skin color Broken blood vessels ...
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  • $100 off when you try Photodynamic Therapy

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  • The Power of Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy has been used as a form of alternative medicine since ancient times. This holistic therapy uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds to promote emotional and physical well-being. While not recognized as a legitimate branch of medicine in the U.S., aromatherapy is a holistic therapy practiced by many doctors and scientists all over the world. In addition, aromatherapy is ...
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  • Age Not Linked to Complications Following Plastic Surgery

    Although it has been long perceived that age old age increases risks following surgery, a new study published in P lastic and Reconstructive Surgery suggests otherwise. Researchers of the Cleveland Clinic followed 216 women who have had the facelift. Of the group, 148 were younger 65, and 68 were older. Over the course of three years, the researchers examined the women’s progress and took note of ...
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  • Lip Service: Orphanage Babies

    Dr. Nichter, last day of making rounds. I will never forget several of the children and infants I was privileged to care for in Armenia. Many were from the orphanages. Despite the hub-bub of activity and cacophony of background noise including languages foreign to their ear they seem delighted to have stimulation to the otherwise presumably sterile existence in the orphanage they know as home. One ...
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