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  • 10% OFF Lite Lift

    Interested in the Lift Lift? Call 714-902-1100 for a consultation! OR Fill out the online form under the the “Contact Us” section. This form is sent to us through email and once you schedule your consultation we will offer you 10% the procedure!
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  • Day 11: More Energy!

    Day 11: More Energy! Pam Says: “Still feeling a little tight and a warm sensation from the tightness. I’m drinking lots of water. Still have the staples in from the temple lift, but I don’t even feel them. (He even gave me blond staples to match my hair!) My ears are still feeling a little tender to the touch. All of the bruising and swelling is completely gone! I feel like I have more energy and ...
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  • Before and After

    Before and After Pam Before and After (8 days after surgery)
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  • Day 8: Back to Work!

    Pam says: “Back to work today! I have more energy and I feel pretty much back to normal. I still feel a little tight, but a good tight, and swollen around my upper eyes (as to be expected). I am happy with how I am healing, and if I could do it again, I definitely would!” “I’m baaaaaaack! “
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  • Day 7: One week after surgery!

    Only one week after surgery Pam is looking and feeling great! She is returning to work tomorrow after 7 days. Pam says: “I visited my daughter today and my son in law said that my skin looks like I am in my thirties… and my kids would definitely tell me the truth !! My ears feel a little “hot” but I am ready to return to work tomorrow! The hardest thing was to sit up straight and sleep with my ...
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  • Day 4: Feeling Great!

    Pam saw Dr. Horowitz today and is doing great! She says she feels like “Pammy”again. She feels that due to her results, her look is softer and won’t be needing as much make-up in the future. Dr. Horowitz removed the tape from her lower eyelids, and she is able to wear make-up now, as she only needs to tape at night. She is “Tickled Pink” with her results!!!
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  • Day 2: 48 Hours After Surgery

    Dr. Horowitz says: “Pam has very little bruising, a small amount of swelling in her face and a normal amount of swelling around her eyes.” “She is feeling a slight tightness of her face and she has some aching around her ears; the soreness will be treated with Advil (Ibuprofen).” “The entire staff is amazed by how great she looks only 48 hours after the procedure and how quickly she is healing!”
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  • Day 1: 24 hours after the Lite Lift

    Pam says: “Feeling much better today. Yesterday I felt “foggy” from all the meds. I had a headache this morning about 10:30 but then realized it was probably lack of caffeine so I got up and had a cup of tea and half banana. The headache went away pretty quickly. I knew that my face would feel tight but didn’t realize that I would have to mash up the banana because I couldn’t open my mouth fully.” ...
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